How to Relieve Back Pain in the Elderly?

How to Relieve Back Pain in Elderly

How to Relieve Back Pain in the Elderly?

The back pain is one of the most complicated problems that appear as you grow old. You’d have to face endless problems just because of the back pain. And the worst part is that it makes it difficult for you to sleep at night. In other words, the back pain can turn your life into a nightmare. Therefore, you should take some serious steps before it’s too late.

How to Relieve Back Pain in Elderly

The tips we’re going to mention in this article will help in relieving back pain in the elderly. So, let’s take a look at the methods that can make your life comfortable by relieving back pain.


Be More Physically Active


The reason why back pain starts in the old age is that our muscles don’t move the way they use to move at a young age. We start spending more time in bed. And we don’t even perform the tasks we used to perform before. As a result, the facets and joints start getting stiff. And finally, the time comes when we can’t stretch our muscles properly. And this is where the journey towards back pain starts.


You need to stay active even in old age. Yes, you can perform several tasks in the old age if you continue moving your muscles regularly.


Physical Therapy

How to Relieve Back Pain in Elderly

There are a number of exercises that can be helpful in improving your balance and flexibility. You can visit a physician to find information about the exercises that can be helpful for you. The physician will prescribe a back-healthy exercise program after analyzing your situation. Thus, your back will become strong and powerful. And your spine will also become more resilient.


Apply Cold


Whenever the back pain strikes, you need to apply the back pain to reduce the pain immediately. The ice packs have the ability to reduce inflammation. As a result, it will make you feel comfortable within a few minutes.


Apply Heat

We also recommend using a heating pad every two to three days. Thus, your blood flow will be stimulated and the back muscles will feel more relaxed. Once the heat source is removed, you must stretch the warmed muscle so you may stay safe from muscle spasm.


Rest Up


You should also take proper rest to reduce the risk of back pain. The back pain usually appears in elders when they don’t sleep properly at night. Therefore, you must develop a habit of sleeping on time. Thus, you’d get rid of several other health issues.

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